Calacatta marble, nordic oak and moka Zero Gloss lacquered

Heat-treated oak and sky grey marble

Nordic oak with brushed aluminium K-System structure

Grey Zero Gloss matt lacquered with cervino tarmac stone+ worktop

The wine cellar

The new K-lab project comprises solutions that combine strong design impact with tasteful elegance, adopting an informal stylistic language. Featuring a system of open units with brushed steel finish, it is inspired by the large worktops found in industrial kitchens. The carefully calculated alternation of solid blocks and open units both meetsfunctional needs and gives dynamism to the entire project.K-lab is a kitchen of innovative design, in which ‘cult’ features are mixed with contemporary lines, high-tech materials and original functional solutions.

Among the principal features of K-lab, the frame door (th. 28 mm) in aluminium and glass for wall units; the K-System modular open-fronted system; the Show glass-fronted cabinet and the wine cellar that becomes an extension of the kitchen.

K-lab can be customised with new materials and variants, like Metallix, the new finish developed by Ernestomeda for metallic surfaces which can be customised with an oxidation and satin-finishing procedure. Or Ernestomeda Zero Gloss, the exclusive lacquered finish, extremely matt and soft to the touch, developed through laboratory research and tests.

A luxury project that combine strong design impact with tasteful elegance in an informal stylistic language.

FCML is an exclusive distributor of Ernestomeda in India