Designing your dream kitchen: what are the things to consider

The kitchen is the most thriving and crucial zone of any household, which serves as a treasure for family get-togethers, fun dinner parties, Sunday brunches and morning coffees. Kitchen renovations carry great opportunities of incorporating your unique style and personality through elements that shine and scream ingenuity and versatility in your kitchen. One could say […]

Ingenious and practical storage solutions for your kitchen

However well-designed the interiors of any home be, they are incomplete without a kitchen! The kitchen design is the mirror of your taste and personality. It needs to fulfill the criteria of being visually stunning and high performing. People are often excited about designing their homes but a little enthusiastic about the kitchen. Why? Probably […]

Blooming kitchen trends you can look forward to in 2021

India is undergoing a transition within the design space with an enhanced openness to incorporating unique, futuristic, sleek and elegant designs into one’s home. The emerging and varying concepts for kitchen interiors are also a part of this shift that aim to fulfil homeowners’ design aspirations. Irrespective of the fact that vast differences are observed […]

Soul Collection by Ernestomeda- Italian Luxury Kitchen Designs

ERNESTOMEDA, leader in the high end designer kitchen market, has the pleasure of presenting the new SOUL kitchen concept and a new ICON layout. Collection SOUL by Ernestomeda, is an ideal blend of functionality and hedonism to respond not only to practical but also to “EMOTIONAL” demands.  The Italian Luxury Kitchen, Soul has been conceptualised and designed by Architect and […]

Obliqua Collection by Ernestomeda

Obliqua is an elegantly styled Italian Kitchen which is highly innovative. As the name suggests, this luxurious Kitchen derives its name from distinctive oblique shape of doors and worktops in a linearity that translates into the chromatic continuity of the finish for tops, grooves, doors and plinths. Obliqua combines simple forms, patterns and materials and […]

The Icon collection by Ernestomeda

The Icon collection by Ernestomeda is designed by Architect and Designer Giuseppe Bavuso. The main guidelines for this Italian kitchen are functionality, design, clean aesthetics and technical performance. The premium quality of this luxury kitchen succeeds in satisfying everyone who loves rationality and functionality. The interesting use of materials, in Collection Icon by Ernestomeda, provide […]

K LAB Collection by Ernestomeda

The new K-Lab Kitchen by Ernestomeda, a project by Giuseppe Bavuso was presented during Milan Design Week 2019.This project comprises solutions that combine strong design impact with tasteful elegance, adopting an informal stylistic language. A Modern- Luxury- Smart kitchen K-LAB is a kitchen with innovative design, in which ‘cult’ features are mixed with contemporary lines, high-tech materials and original functional […]

Ernestomeda Kitchens – A luxury kitchen brand

Ernestomeda is one of the world’s largest and finest kitchen manufacturing company. Headquartered in Italy, Ernestomeda was found in 1996. With an aim of promoting Italianness worldwide, the company focuses on the top end of international Designer kitchens market. For every kitchen designed at Ernestomeda; the context of the product is taken into consideration along […]