Canneté Canyon Walnut Hi-melamine and Lucem metal lacquered

Canneté Nevada Stone+ (Ernestomeda exclusive) and Teide Oak Hi-Melamine

Arizona Beige Fenix and Canneté Namib Elm Hi-Melamine

Canneté Canyon Walnut Hi-Melamine and Cervino Tarmac Stone+

The new designer kitchen Sign is one of the most impressive and richly-endowed projects conceived by architect and company art director Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda.
The project offers a strikingly fresh open-space concept. Features with strong emotional impact and essential lines, such as the elegant Set/Stay open boiserie panel, the View glass-fronted cabinets and the Daylight open system, convey the image of a luxury kitchen in complete communication with the living zone.
Sign is a modern kitchen created to deliver superlative formal and aesthetic values, but also outstanding functional features, with performance levels very close to professional standards.
The Zed door’s elegant contouring with practical handle grip and the new MDi induction worktop, together with the Able recess with integral cooking and washing zone, have an impressively exclusive image.
Ergonomic and refined, with an amazing variety of materials and finishes, Sign enables countless possible customizations and combinations able to meet customer’s desires and to offer a comfortable interior design scheme.
Sign is characterized by new entries in finishings, like the Lucem metal effect paint, the range of Mirror metal effect lacquers and the new Canneté wood effect Hi-melamine line.

An unusual, revolutionary way of organising space in the kitchen, where people can spend time together.