Ernestomeda Kitchens – A luxury kitchen brand

Ernestomeda Kitchens – A luxury kitchen brand

Ernestomeda is one of the world’s largest and finest kitchen manufacturing company. Headquartered in Italy, Ernestomeda was found in 1996. With an aim of promoting Italianness worldwide, the company focuses on the top end of international Designer kitchens market. For every kitchen designed at Ernestomeda; the context of the product is taken into consideration along with the fact where would it be installed. To make sure that it fits perfectly in each space, every tiny detail is taken care of by the company. This is an important factor to create a unique modern kitchen, in harmony with space and time. Ernestomeda Kitchens – the smart Italian Kitchens are recognized for its outstanding quality, attention to details, innovative design, leading-edge technology, constant research and development. The company’s mission is to observe, experiment, achieve something different & something special. From the beginning, innovation has been an essential part and has played a key role together with a vocation for “Smart Designer Kitchens”, which reflects in their attention to details and solutions allowing a high degree of customization & personalization.

Ernestomeda has been associated with prestigious designers like Giuseppe Bavuso, Andreucci & Hoisl, Marc Sadler, Rodolfo Dordoni, Pietro Arosio, Castiglia Associati, Carlo Bartoli and Zaha Hadid. Zaha Hadid partnered in the development of Z.Island, a revolutionary, futuristic Premium Kitchen/s for Ernestomeda. Ernestomeda has succeeded in meeting with the needs of the contract sector on various export markets, as there is a different demand of each market and economy. The breadth of product assortment makes it possible for the company to effectively compete in product customisation and different price bands. The main goal of Ernestomeda Kitchens is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by its capability to supply Kitchens and services that meets the customer expectation.

Ernestomeda has established EMvironment, the project intended to reinforce a responsible, active corporate attitude to the environment. Genuine sustainable industrial development, achieved step by step. The plant converts solar energy into electrical current that can be used directly to power industrial operations. Photovoltaic power technology is based on the properties of a number of materials, such as silicon, which are capable of capturing the energy the sun emits onto the Earth. The plant also generates electricity on the photovoltaic principle has several advantages, such as reduction of pollutant emissions and very high reliability. What’s more, the panel-clad surfaces reduce the impact of weather and minimise heat transferral, helping to increase the temperature inside the building during the winter and reduce the use of air-conditioners in summer. The times of the year when the solar energy is low decreases the amount of electricity produced in-house by the photovoltaic system, the plant uses green energy generated from renewable sources.

Not only this Ernestomeda kitchens, are LEED compliant. Leed compliant kitchens are manufactured from materials with low emissions of volatile compounds, formaldehyde. Ernestomeda kitchens comply with standards concerning low indoor pollutant emissions, & also certified by Cosmob, Italy’s only accredited laboratory for the measurement of the emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) used in the furniture and fitted kitchen manufacturing process. For Ernestomeda, being Leed Compliant is a major achievement for the safety of the kitchen and people, and is also a guarantee for those who design and construct buildings to environmental sustainability criteria.

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