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How to design a futuristic kitchen?

The world is becoming increasingly busy, and spaces are significantly decreasing. A modern outlook for a futuristic modern kitchen has to accommodate these two components in an effortless yet effective manner.  So, what can actually picture everything perfectly? The futuristic kitchen should be multi-functional, minimalistic, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes that experience the sight […]

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Soul Collection by Ernestomeda- Italian Luxury Kitchen Designs

ERNESTOMEDA, leader in the high end designer kitchen market, has the pleasure of presenting the new SOUL kitchen concept and a new ICON layout. Collection SOUL by Ernestomeda, is an ideal blend of functionality and hedonism to respond not only to practical but also to “EMOTIONAL” demands.  The Italian Luxury Kitchen, Soul has been conceptualised and designed by Architect and […]

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Obliqua Collection by Ernestomeda

Obliqua is an elegantly styled Italian Kitchen which is highly innovative. As the name suggests, this luxurious Kitchen derives its name from distinctive oblique shape of doors and worktops in a linearity that translates into the chromatic continuity of the finish for tops, grooves, doors and plinths. Obliqua combines simple forms, patterns and materials and […]

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