Obliqua Collection by Ernestomeda

Obliqua Collection by Ernestomeda

Obliqua is an elegantly styled Italian Kitchen which is highly innovative. As the name suggests, this luxurious Kitchen derives its name from distinctive oblique shape of doors and worktops in a linearity that translates into the chromatic continuity of the finish for tops, grooves, doors and plinths. Obliqua combines simple forms, patterns and materials and yet its attention to details is remarkable. The layout of this smart luxurious kitchen also includes an integral table which is available in a variety of finishes. Obliqua by Ernestomeda is a fusion of strong character and top quality which makes it a premium kitchen.

Its solid volumes and beauty combined with biomalte and Deluxe solid wood gives it a modern appeal. The most intelligent and smart feature of this collection is the “Square Table”, in Deluxe solid vintage oak which is connected to the corner of the base unit composition and can be used as a snack top too. The Deluxe solid wood is thick and from choice-grade timber. In fact, carefully chosen materials are a key feature of Obliqua.‎ This focus acquires new meaning in the choice of the wood, obtained from surplus railway sleepers found in old sheds, which Ernestomeda, has given new life to while leaving their original appearance characteristics (from vein patterning to their variations in colour), all created by the natural action of time and weather, completely intact.‎The irregularity of the surface of this table like cracks, reddish stains, veins and knots helps to retain and highlight the material’s natural beauty.

The finishes also includes high-tech materials – like FenixNTMTM – and the very innovative biomalta. Biomalta is a hand-applied innovative finish that has been fully tried, tested, ecological and biocompatible. This is a high-performance acrylic resin which is extremely hard-wearing and adaptable to any surface – from wood to stainless steel, and from marble to aluminium.‎ Bio-resin is also breathable and flame-retardant, and its colours do not fade.‎ Since it is applied by hand, the details of this coating are constantly fresh, making every composition unique and unrepeatable.‎ The indoor cupboards of this Designer kitchen is fitted with pull-out table and steel shelves. The baskets of the shelf area are in Deluxe solid vintage oak and back panel in knotted terra d’ombra.

This kitchen’s elegant appearance is supported by outstanding convenience making it a highly customized kitchen. The large worktops and the easy door opening with the vertical groove strips and the distinctive oblique-angled shape ensures smartness of this bespoke kitchen. Obliqua can be used in combination with the Indoor cupboard systems, customised with pull-out worktops and back panels in various finishes, which is equipped with removable power sockets.‎ The interiors can be fitted with a range of accessories – from an espresso coffee-maker to a wine cellar refrigerator – and handy baskets, available in the same colours as the doors.‎

The collection is designed by R&D Ernestomeda.

FCML is an exclusive distributor of Ernestomeda in India.

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