Blooming kitchen trends you can look forward to in 2021

Blooming kitchen trends you can look forward to in 2021

India is undergoing a transition within the design space with an enhanced openness to incorporating unique, futuristic, sleek and elegant designs into one’s home. The emerging and varying concepts for kitchen interiors are also a part of this shift that aim to fulfil homeowners’ design aspirations. Irrespective of the fact that vast differences are observed in individual preferences of kitchen interiors, one thing that is becoming quite universal is the movement towards quality materials, open spaces, flawless finishing and optimal storage.

Like any other year, this time around also, some noticeable patterns in kitchen ideas dominate the market due to them ranking high on the list of individual preferences. One can analyze and choose from the trends that are witnessing a steady rise in 2021 within the interior design space based on their vision of a dream kitchen.  Here are a few kitchen interior trends that one can look forward to in 2021.

Innovate usage of materials

Ordinary and unoriginal are becoming a thing of the past, with innovation and uniqueness taking up that space. In terms of kitchen materials, people are becoming more accepting of the ingenious implementation of materials to create sophisticated and attention-grabbing kitchen interiors. Whether it be jet-black sinks or metal-laden cabinetry, materials and textures are a major trend that is becoming extremely popular.

Wood Finishes

Wood is set to become one of the most frequently utilized interior design elements. Considering the revival of its popularity and its revolutionary usage in the various zones of a kitchen, from warm tones to darker ones, to patterned wood to smooth finishes, the versatility it brings on the table is in a league of its own, and people are noticing that. Wood is being added to the interiors as decor, or chosen material for cabinets or floors and also as a main component of accent walls.

Creating statement with light fixtures

Light fixtures have become an irreplaceable component of interior design, providing a wide array of options in terms of shapes, sizes and colours. They truly make a massive difference on the overall vibe of a place wherein pairing them with suitable colours, sleek designs, and futuristic themes can open a whole new dimension of kitchen aesthetics. The popular options for lights include pendant lights, wall fixtures, lamps, hanging kitchen lights and many more that can be further explored.

Designs becoming handleless

As the years progress, we are observing the implementation of technology in improving the overall kitchen experience whether it be residential setting or commercial setting. The newest contemporary kitchen interiors rave much about designs that provide a sleek, free-flowing, undisrupted look with handleless cabinets and cupboards. Push-open cabinets and drawers have become a boon of technological advancements that allow more focus on attention to detail and style accentuation with solid colors.  We are moving towards “less is more”, especially with such elements that don’t fail to create deep impressions while retaining a minimalistic touch.

Ernestomeda’s Kitchen categories incorporate a captivating blend of all these elements in one way or another to shape kitchen interiors that are synonymous with one-of-a-kind, splendid, exclusive, and premium. Our offerings of supreme quality kitchen interiors include distinctive elements for enhanced storage such as fixed tabletops with open compartments, great attention to detail reflected in the flawless finishes, and styles infused with classy Italian touch for your refined taste.


Ernestomeda India strives to create supreme kitchen experiences that fulfill your criteria of a dreamy kitchen through designs that reflect great attention to detail, ingenuity, and alignment with your preferences and tastes.  We are revolutionizing the kitchen interior space in India with futuristic, sleek, and exclusive modular kitchen designs conceptualized and executed to perfection.

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