Ingenious and practical storage solutions for your kitchen

Ingenious and practical storage solutions for your kitchen

However well-designed the interiors of any home be, they are incomplete without a kitchen!
The kitchen design is the mirror of your taste and personality. It needs to fulfill the criteria of being visually stunning and high performing.
People are often excited about designing their homes but a little enthusiastic about the kitchen. Why? Probably because the emphasis laid on other parts of the house in terms of creativity and style does not meet the same enthusiasm when it comes to the kitchen.

Let’s unravel a few possibilities for you. And remember accommodation of one’s kitchen requirements doesn’t need to be realized through predictable built-in cupboards and cabinets, or with monotonous patterns or dull paint. We have a list of suggestions for you that ooze innovation and functionality while serving as eye candy for your home.

Pulldown Kitchen Shelves

The optimal usage of the available space might entail pulling up the kitchen shelves to the ceilings that create an illusion of larger space and a sleeker appearance. However, this might hinder or hamper ease of accessing items placed on these shelves due to limited reach from the floor, to counter which pulldown shelves present a pretty promising solution. When incorporated in the kitchen, this design solution simultaneously offers a futuristic appeal and heightened accessibility to contents placed in the cupboards high above.

Drawer Inserts

The kitchen drawers don’t have to be the default space for disposing of whatever hinders your countertop. The drawers are often cramped with spoons, forks, ladles, spices, opened packets, loose cash, and whatnot. The drawer’s inserts not only make life easier by creating clear boundaries for the items you regularly use and keep things beautifully and symmetrically organized, which is clutter-free and satisfying to look at.

Open Shelving

Sleekly designed open shelves prove to be a gorgeous introduction to a kitchen space, especially when combined with the existing cupboard layout by utilizing a uniform color scheme or superior materials. While open shelves open doors for a showcase of creativity and personality, it also presents a drawback of keeping everything neat.

Island Drawers

Island is one of the elements of a modular kitchen that is still finding its space and relevance in the Indian context. However, the modern idea of a gorgeous and mesmerizing kitchen doesn’t stay too far away from having an island in the available kitchen space, optimized to accommodate extra storage through in-built drawers.

Translucent cabinetry

Translucent elements in the kitchen deserve much more attention than there is, considering the absolutely unique and extraordinary appeal they add to a kitchen. It entails cabinets that are closed off from the front with translucent glass that provides a vague view into what’s placed inside while maintaining some obscurity. When paired with the right finish, color, or texture that harmonizes well with the rest of the kitchen, it works to magnify the kitchen’s existing storage and style potential.

Pull out drawers

Another great storage idea is pull-out drawers. They take up minimal space and optimally utilize the curves and nooks of your kitchen. They could be vertical installations within the layout of the cabinetry that can be pulled out to store items from spices to utensils. Or they could be incorporated into the design in other unique ways by accentuating them with different textures, colors, or themes.

Thus, it would be safe to assume that there is no dearth of options with which breathtaking kitchen interiors can be achieved fulfilling all the space and style requirements of an individual. It is just a matter of aligning the choices you make to the dream kitchen you envision.


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