Designing your dream kitchen: what are the things to consider

Designing your dream kitchen: what are the things to consider

The kitchen is the most thriving and crucial zone of any household, which serves as a treasure for family get-togethers, fun dinner parties, Sunday brunches and morning coffees.
Kitchen renovations carry great opportunities of incorporating your unique style and personality through elements that shine and scream ingenuity and versatility in your kitchen.

One could say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. It  deserves as much attention and care at designing as the rest of the home does. This approach would include steps that discern your requirements and needs, followed by making specific prerequisite checks before beginning with the kitchen transformation.
Here are a few points of consideration that can be referred to while dwelling in kitchen renovations.


Layout assessment is one phase of preparation for kitchen renovation projects that people fail to register and undertake as it is not considered significant by many. However, jumping straight into kitchen materials without assessing the floor plan and befitting kitchen layout options will not magically save the design from bombing. The point of kitchen remodel is to build a space that flows well, allows a seamless transition from one corner of the kitchen to another while appearing harmonized and seamlessly blended. There are various layout options that one can choose from once they have concluded what better serves them and their space: L-shaped, island kitchen, peninsula kitchen, G-shaped layouts etc.


Lighting can make and break any home interiors as you would want it to be neither overbearing nor too unnoticeable. Choosing the right colour that doesn’t tamper with the vibe you prefer would be one of the primary steps. “Comforting the eyes while magnifying the aesthetics of the space”, is the guideline for the adequate lighting that one has to ponder and choose. Herein, natural lights through large windows is always a bonus as the perfect backdrop; however, a suitable combination of accent, ambient and task lights in the kitchen is equally essential.

Surface finishes

When it comes to the finishes, such as laminates, acrylic, polymers, and metals will offer something different as they vary on price points, durability and aesthetic value.  It would be a matter of choosing what is most suitable for the vibe you are creating for your kitchen and the experience you are looking for through the interiors.


Ensuring the durability of your kitchen interiors is crucial not just to eliminate the hassle of future repairs but also because it acts as a testament to the quality of the materials used in the process. The materials used in the project will attest to the resilience of the kitchen and its long-lastingness in the upcoming years.

Timeless design

Since kitchen renovations are expensive and not a frequent affair, it is essential to incorporate a classic and timeless style rather than something trendy, the appeal of which will wane with time.  The right colour palette, solid colours, harmonious space, clutter-free designs and a consistent theme of all the kitchen elements like cabinetry and cupboards can help achieve that.


The premium kitchen interiors offered by Ernestomeda India cater to all of these points mentioned above and even more when it comes to delivering supreme kitchen experiences. Our kitchen categories with distinctive features and unique characteristics but a common ground of elegance and style include K-LAB, SOUL, OBLIQUA, ICON, and ONE.


Ernestomeda India extends impactful, gorgeous, and practical kitchen interior solutions deeply embedded in the value of magnifying the visual appeal of the kitchen space through innovative concepts and seamless execution. Our product offerings of premium kitchen interiors bring dynamicity to the place by embodying communicating design elements and coherent schemes.

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